Our Famous Loose-Leaf and Bagged Teas

Our delicious herbal, black and green teas make excellent gifts and are handsomely packaged in tall tin canisters with tight-fitting lids and colorful original photography of Vineyard scenes.

Our blends are original formulas that have withstood the test of time--becoming best-sellers in the past 10 years on Martha's Vineyard and beyond.
Each packed tin of loose-leaf herbs brews about 40 delicious cups of tea. Our teas contain NO added flavorings, natural or synthetic.
NEW: Menemsha Mint and Edgartown English Breakfast are now BAGGED!

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Brewing Instructions

For our HERBAL tisanes, brew 1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water 5-8 minutes for a light brew, 8-12 minutes for a richer brew. Our blends Wise Woman Tea and Up-Island Herbal can be steeped overnight for a strong, mineral-rich beverage.
For our Moroccan GREEN Tea, steep EXACTLY 3 minutes to avoid excessive bitterness. Use a timer!
For our BLACK TEA, steep our black teas (Chai, English Breakfast and Earl Grey) 5-8 minutes or until desired richness and strength is reached, keeping in mind that the longer they steep the more they will develop their characteristic bitter flavors.
How We Source Our Herbs
As community herbalists, we practice the ancient skill of wild-crafting, locating wild plants, identifying them, harvesting the medicinal parts, and preparing them in formulas. We also grows many herbs organically, some of which we are able to dry for our teas, and we barter with local gardeners for what we don't grow or wild-craft. Roughly 85-90% of the herbs in Vineyard Herbs tinctures, syrups, vinegars, spritzers, and salves are grown or harvested by us. We also purchase dried herbs from reputable sources for our teas, for the simple reason that we do not operate a drying facility. Our teas are very high quality, often certified organic, and the blends are formulated from scratch and hand-blended in small batches.