For Vineyard Herbs products, Holly as a Coach, and Holly Speaking for Audiences and Conferences:


You are one of the wise women you write about! So glad you could join us this year at the WHC. And what a special delight we could gift each teacher one of you amazingly beautiful books. I'm sure it will e a special treasure for them. Love and joy, Rosemary"

Rosemary Gladstar

"Dear Holly, It was a pleasure having you as a guest speaker at our April 12 meeting. Thank you for sharing your lovely new book with us. You put in some remarkable work gathering the history and stories of many inspiring women of the plant and herbal world." 

Herbal Community of Central Massachusetts

Dear Holly,
I wanted to thank you for speaking on the panel at MVRHS for women entrepreneurs. I found your story encouraging; as a mother of two young boys finding balance can be difficult. I appreciated your input on how you split up your day half-creative and afternoons for finance, and that you also feel family comes first. It's inspiring to other women achieving their goals while still putting family first. Thank you."

S.C., 2015

"Dear Holly, It's 11 degrees below zero here in VT today! As I took my herbal tinctures and drank a wonderful, aromatic cup of your Ginger Lemon Tea, my heart was filled with gratitude for you and the healing, nourishing tonics, teas, and salves you create in collaboration and harmony with the beautiful plant kingdom. Thank you so much, Holly! The Rose Petal Concentrate has felt so healing in the wake of the loss of my mother. And the Women's Ultimate Elixir very nourishing to my body. What a beautiful color, too! And taste...

I sense the intention, integrity, love, and energy in the products you co-create with nature, and said to myself, "Why don't you just write and tell her so!" I wish you and your family well and hope you're staying warm way out there on M.V.!"

Marilyn Marks

"Dear Holly, I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for all of us during the two weeks together on Martha's Vineyard! I had a wonderful time, and I am so thankful for your knowledge and guidance. I hope we can stay in touch! I have a feeling I will need your guidance as I continue down the path of herbal medicine!"

S.G., 2015

“This artwork is so beautiful and I think it is so lovely that you are carrying on this tradition, and now we know what a tradition it is. You are teaching this whole new generation of herbalists and they seem so enthusiastic, and I see you with them and I think you are so knowledgable and herbs are so essential to our lives, and I could see you working for some pharmaceutical company getting a big fat salary but I know you would never do that! I always appreciate your knowledge, I really do, and I find it absolutely fascinating, you’re a treasure-trove of information. I’m sure you’ve done a lot of your own research, you’re part scientist, part artist… a real renaissance woman. I find your work really interesting.” 

Lisa Benson

“I just so appreciate the energy and time and dedication you put into creating this book, because for me, as a woman, to finally see a text that educates me about other women is incredibly inspiring. I would love to see a book like this in schools so that girls and boys can be raised with this. This is the link to healing our relationship to the earth, to go back to this traditional wisdom.” 

Guest at a lecture

Dear Holly, Thank you so much for all your participation in Consenses. People were raving about your workshop!! I hope you'll come up for the exhibit in Boston. Love and Gratitude,"

Sally Taylor

"Yours is the best booth here! It's a feast for the eyes!"

"Your packaging is exquisite."

"Fantastic packaging!"

"I came to get more teas, I come to this event every year to stock up on your teas!"

"We love, love, love your teas!"

"I tried the sample Eczema Lotion that you passed around in the workshop and it worked immediately. My hands are normally very red and they are much lighter now and feel soooo much better."

"Your class was wonderful, I learned so much!"

"You're a walking encyclopedia, you put so much into your workshop!"

"You have a great energy about you, about this whole booth, I want to stay here all day."

"My brother swears by your colds and flu products and he wants me to get him more."

"We want to be your students! We just love you."


Various Booth Visitors at 2013 Natural Living Expo


Hi Holly.
I live here in Watauga County and purchased your book when you were here this spring (you autographed it for me in Earthfare). I just wanted to let you know how important your book has been to me in getting me to start making some of my own remedies. I had already "played" with using local plants for salads, but I have definitely paid more attention to local plants and have begun using them with the recipes in your book. Then I had great success helping a friend with stomach pain with catnip tea; such a simple thing but so effective. So thanks for your beautiful book that has spurred me on to creating. The liver cleanse is making, and the mint/nettles syrup tonic  is in the fridge.

-S.C., Boone North Carolina

S.C., Boone NC

Holly is delightful! She gave a talk to our Woman’s Club, which happened to coincide with the publication of her new book, The Essential Herbal for Natural Health. We could sample salves and sniff teas and we all learned so much. She speaks with such confidence and truly knows her subject. We were full of questions and she had all the right answers for us. Several ladies bought the book and I was told that they were up late that same night reading and making plans to get out into the meadows in search of herbs to try in several recipes. Holly has a way of making you feel as if you have always known her. We look forward to going on one of her herb walks in the future. She is so much fun and you feel that ‘fun’ in the way she has written her book. Thank you, Holly, for showing us a wonderful world all around us.

Janice Belisle, Martha's Vineyard Women's Club


I am blessed along with many others on Martha's Vineyard, to have in our midst, a most extraordinary herbalist by the name of Holly Bellebuono. She has an amazing background and is president of Vineyard Herbs, Tea and Apothecary and is a most valuable resource and provider of herbs, salves, teas and body and bath products, which I and my family have enjoyed and benefited from for quite a few years.

I have had the pleasure of attending a seminar at the Polly Hill Arboretum, where we were taken out into the field by Holly and shown many local herbs and flowers available to us at our fingertips. Afterwards we enjoyed a wonderful workshop in the Far Barn where we observed Holly making and then made our own balms that we could take home.

This past year, I had some serious health issues with which to deal and I approached Holly for help. She is a beautiful, kind, compassionate, soft spoken woman.  I had many questions and concerns and information I was bringing to the table. She spent a lot of time with me, through phone calls and emails, patiently helping me sort out my options and providing me with valuable information and herbs.

I was diagnosed this past year with breast cancer and the doctors recommended the use of calendula on the breast every day during and after radiation. Much of what I found had petrolatum and other additives. Then I discovered Holly's Calendula Balm (just hand harvested calendula, unbleached beeswax, and canola and olive oils) and used that. The radiation doctor, nurse and technicians were amazed at how well my skin did during and after four weeks of radiation. They said there was very little reaction from the treatment, compared to most other women.

Afterwards,  she helped me with a brew, made up of several herbs and teas, that I drink almost everyday, designed to support my organs, my immune system and that give me optimum nourishment. It seems that the concoction has done something to help me lose a little weight.

I have recovered very well and feel so grateful and lucky to have Holly on this island and in this world.

Deb Sillimanwass, Martha's Vineyard

Holly spoke to our Antiques Club in October of 2011 and she had our rapt attention from the first word.  She talked about the influence of herbs dating back to 1400 BC.    Together we were time travelers and learned about alchemy, homeopathy and herbalism and how important women were in many of the discoveries, including the distillation of the essence of  herbs, in other words, the invention of the still.  Holly is a most engaging speaker and an expert in her field. We thoroughly enjoyed her lovely presentation.

Nancy Whipple, Martha's Vineyard Antiques Club


Dear Holly, Thank you for spending the time to share with me some herbal remedies for children’s CNS problems. I passed the information along to my daughter. Hopefully my little grandson just experienced something viral in nature! I just wanted you to know that your advice was a comfort to me as my mind was full of worry. Thank you.


I once heard Holly say "part of my mission is to inspire people to pass along this heritage," and this runs through all of her work.  She is so knowledgeable and so generous, and she inspires.
Don't let Holly's sweet, soft spoken demeanor fool you - this is a strong woman whose wisdom runs deep.  Her empathy, insight, and generosity with her knowledge are remarkable.
The elderberry workshop was magical and delicious!  Sitting in what felt like a secret hidden bit of woods, we sipped cordials from lovely little glasses while Holly entertained us with myths and stories.  The presence of the plants around deepened as we enjoyed the recipes and lore of old.
It is not too much to say that knowing Holly has changed my life.  
Now my children can run into a field and pick a plant they know will heal their bug bites.
Holly is one of the remarkable ones.

Alexandra Luzzatto, Washington DC

Holly, I loved your [Red Tent] workshop last night.  You did a wonderful job of addressing the many sensitive elements that come along with the "change".  Your gentle style was both calming and informative. I didn't turn the radio on in the car on the way home and [my daughter and I] had the best conversations about girls, boys, boys and girls, periods and all that. Thanks for your time and tea - I had the green tea this morning and it was DELICIOUS!!

A.K., Martha's Vineyard

Dear Holly, The participating members of the Institute for Senior Scholars and I would like to thank you for the giving of your time and experitise as you led us in the hike and three workshops this fall. Many positive comments have been shared with me about the information shred and how it was an educational experience for all in attendance. I have, personally, really enjoyed my vinegars and teas, and regret that I had to miss the salves. We would be interested in another hike, and more workshops, but I know you'll be busy this spring. Let's keep in touch, and if you think you could lead something in March, that would be great. Your dedication to helping others continue their learning is to be commended and is deeply appreciated by our membership. With much appreciation,

Caroline Blackburn, ASU Institute for Senior Scholars

Thanks for teaching me and for your reassurance. I am very excited, and I know that this is all wonderful and will help me!!! We are so lucky on the island to have you. Thank you again so much for all your help, support, patience and education. You are a gem and a gentle soul.

D.S., Martha's Vineyard

Thank you again for your guidance.  I will certainly call you as I go along for further herbal health help :)   

Bronwen Small, Seattle WA

I’m out of your ginger tea. I went to Tisbury Farm Market in hopes of finding some, but they were sold out. They had only a few tins of your tea, mostly the Edgartown caffeinated kind.  Will you be taking more in there soon, or somewhere else?  

A.E., Martha's Vineyard

I’ll run in to get my tea fix soon. I’ve made this my morning brew and I love how warming and soothing it is.  
Thanks so much

A.E., Martha's Vineyard

Hi Holly, the pleasure was mine!...I truly believe that the natural holistic approach to health is the best way for me personally. I am looking forward to this new chapter of my journey. Thank you again!

B., New Jersey

Hi Holly, I’ve been buying from you for a while, mostly at the Farmer’s Market. I was devastated after reading that your arnica gel shelf was empty. I’m an addict. I’ve tried many arnica gels and creams, and your concoction is definitely my first choice. In fact, I’ll be going without until your next batch. If you’re not too busy, would you mind letting me know when it’s available again?

C., Martha's Vineyard

Hi Holly, Happy New Year! Your tea: Wowza! I just wanted to tell you that I had a nice dinner with friends the other night and afterwards they served your Ginger-Lemon Tea—Incredible! It was some of the best tea I have ever had. Now I am addicted, but need to find a source. Where can I buy your teas? My compliments!

Tim, Martha's Vineyard

Holly, I should have stockpiled more of your Ginger-Lemon Tea at the last Farmer’s Market!... I stopped by Elio’s to get an extra stash of your tea to take with me on a trip, but I may have already bought out the whole supply on my last visit. If you go there with more product, please drop off some of the Ginger-Lemon Tea.

Alice, Martha's Vineyard

Hi Holly, I bought some of your Elderberry Ginger Tincture at the Artisan’s Fair in November, and would like to order more… I love your products!

E., Cambridge MA

Hello Holly, Been buying a salve the last two years at the Farmer’s Market for a friend with eczema. It seems to work well in soothing…I’d like to order some more for Christmas…

E., Salt Lake City, UT

A family member lives in Chilmark and directed me to your lovely site. As a hobby herbalist, I really enjoyed the information contained on the site. In the article on elderberry you mentioned some recipes using the plant for liqueurs? I wanted to write and see if it would be possible to have any recipes passed along as I would love to make this as a gift for the upcoming holidays and cold weather. Thanks so much in advance, and my best for your ongoing work.

L, Montreal, Canada

Hi, I got a can of Chilmark Chai this summer at the Polly Hill Arboretum and absolutely love it! Thanks so much,

V., Winchester MA

Holly, I recently had iced tea at flatbreads and they were using one of your teas. my family fell in love with it. Where can I find your teas on the island? Thanks, very nice site, too.

M., Martha's Vineyard

Hi Holly…my mom called and said the Rosemary’s Blessing balm I gave to her is really helping her knee and she wants more…My mother is a skeptic, and she swears this is helping her knee, so it must be....so glad for all of us, her that it is working, you because you made/sell it, and me because I gave it to her. Yay! Thanks,

D., Martha's Vineyard

Hi Holly! … We love the salves and are happy to say that we will be on your island next week. I wanted to say thank you!

Lisa, Oahu HI

Hello, Just spent the week-end at a friend's house who had your calendula salve.  Loved it!  Can I order it from you on line?  Or perhaps you could provide the name of stores who sell it in the NYC area. Thanks!

J., New York, NY

Hi Holly, I am currently using your chaste tree herbal tincture, and I LOVE it. I appreciate it, thanks!

Tammy, Vermont

Hi Holly, Happy almost spring! My hands still feel like winter, though, so I need another jar of your wonderful Lavender Balm.

Clark, Martha's Vineyard

Hi Holly, I have been buying your lovely products for a few years.  Do you sell your lavender spray through your site? I am guessing that this may only be available at the market in the  summer. Can you please let me know? This summer I purchased your Chilmark Chai, it is great! Thanks so much.

C., Martha's Vineyard

We went to the Dr today and John's liver numbers are good-I told him about the milk thistle and he said-keep taking it! His bilirubin went from 8 to 4.75 and for a liver that is great for psoriasis. Thank you,

C., Hilton Head, SC

Your reference section is full of information. Sorry to have bothered you but once again your email was very nice, encouraging and like talking to a friend. Thank you so much for your wonderful email. 

G., San Jose, CA

We’ve been loving what Bob bought from you at the Farmer’s Market. Love the products. Love the site!

Nancy, Cambridge MA

Hi Holly, your timing was perfect and you were a huge moral support. I think it may have opened a door a crack to some healing which I think was a good thing.  So thank you again!

Lisa, Martha's Vineyard

Mom came home with a thank you basket filled with up island items including your Up Island Herbal Tea....I am now an addict!lol.To top it off just got it 3 days ago and thinking I need more...Wanted to thank you for a great product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really is delicious and I plan on orderingmore (probably next week lol))))))))))). Signed, Up Island Tea Addict. Have a tealicious day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B., on-line


I found you over the internet last winter and ordered a few salves, which we have enjoyed.  I hope we get to meet you this summer! Thanks so much,

Alex, Washington DC

I love your Calendula Salve and your Rosemary' Blessing Salve. I first purchased these at the farmers market on the Vineyard. I have tried many similar products and by far yours are the very best. I have very sensitive skin and I use your products daily. Thanks for creating fabulous products.

Cindy, Maine

Thank you for the most heavenly honey I have ever eaten. Every time I take a bite I feel loved and cared for.

Lisa, Martha's Vineyard

I recently visited Martha's Vineyard and during my trip attended one of the Fairs at the Wharf in Vineyard Haven. I purchased the Elderberry Syrup and this past weekend came down with a cold and I was amazed how much better I felt after one day of taking the Syrup. I also placed an order for more and will be trying a few of your other products. I anticipate I will become a dedicated customer!! Thank you,

L, on-line

Hi. I purchased your bye-bye bugs at the farmer's market. I am off island until September and have loved your product and would love to obtain more asap, 

M., on-line

Dear Holly, I purchased two of your products last weekend at the Womens Herbal Conference, Lemon Balm and Calendula Rose. Its overwhelming with so much going on and so many cool products there, but I was drawn to your stand. You have a terrific product!! I love both of them. I am 8 months pregnant and have been using jojoba oil and shea butter for my daily belly massage. The Calendula Rose is such a treat and I have been using it on my belly at night. A little goes a long way and the smell is subtle and so nice. The texture of the balms is perfect. I checked out your website for future purchases. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the balms and look forward to buying again in the future. It also makes me happy to think these were crafted with love far away in a place I love too, the Vineyard. Thanks again,

C.S., on-line

Holly, Your website is very well organized and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed looking and reading about your works! Congratulations and best wishes to your growing business. We on Martha's Vineyard are so fortunate to have you and benefit greatly from your knowledge and presence as an educator!! Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment to healing, All my best,

Heather, Martha's Vineyard

Holly- Finally! A way to order your products for those of us down here in the Blue Ridge Mountains who've missed you and your wonderful herbal preparations since your move to Martha's Vineyard. Lora and I will be placing our first order directly. Now, if only your books could be made available on the site..... Your hard work down the good path is always rewarded, Good Luck, Holly! We miss you!

Tom, Boone NC

Yeah for Vineyard Herbs’ Teas! Hardly drink anything else. Thank you Holly!

M, Martha's Vineyard

Your list of workshops looks exciting for this year. Thanks for offering such a wonderful selection!

R., Martha's Vineyard

I purchased your Calendula Rose Salve at a Farmer’s Market when I was on the Vineyard in August…Your salve has cleared up some very dry skin areas on my hands. I have very damaged skin from the sun and am alternative-based in my healing philosophy. Thanks for the great product!

Jane Schwabb, Sarasota FL

Very much enjoyed picking the herbs myself. That is really cool! Instruction was very good, very easy to understand. Thanks again!

Candace, TX

I really liked making things and feeling like it’s in our own hands, we have the power and resources to heal ourselves without buying expensive drugs. Thank you!

Liane, Martha's Vineyard

Hi Holly, I wanted to let you know how much I am using and enjoying your amazingly wonderful teas this Fall (I have already depleted all that I bought from you at the Farmer’s Market). I think I may have told you that your Rosemary’s Blessing salve is my “boo-boo” cream—I have yet to come across any topical ailment that this salve cannot calm or cure! I am addicted. I am giving a jar to all of my friends for xmas this year. Anyway, I just wanted to say “hello” and to thank you for having ordering capability on your website so that I can never be without your wonderful products. Most fondly, 

Kara, Pennsylvania

Holly, Thank you! Great product! Packaged beautifully!

Susan, Cropseyville NY

Holly, I enjoyed learning more about plants--my parents are really intothat kind of stuf so I was somewhat familiar with it. We're so dependent on plants though, I think I'll walk on tip-toe through the grass now! Thanks, Lara


I truly enjoyed your presentation. Hopefully you can do a workshop with us in the future. We appreciate your time, Stewart Bradshaw

Steward Bradshaw

Holly, Thank you for being so generous with your time. I admire your skills in presenting to a group and I learned quite a bit...especially the term "wildcrafting" which I will now insert into my vocabulary.


Holly, Thanks for sharing your time with us this week. I enjoyed learning of the natural world and your presentation brightened my day. Thanks again.

Jonathan Bronner

Holly, your knowledge about your presentation was very impressive. I am very excited about my pick-me-up tea! Thank you so much; I have never won anything before! 

Heather, Martha's Vineyard

Holly, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on herbal remedies with us. I won't buy gingseng anymore!

Elizabeth Hundley

Thank you so much. Your presentation was great. I was very impressed that you could tell us what plants do what, why, and how we can use them to our benefit. Thanks again, and I will take your advice about lemon balm!

Mindy Baldyer

Dear Holly, Thank you so much for being my mentor this summer. I've learned so much about herbs, their purposes, how to use them, different terms, how to prepare teas and salves, and more. This summer has been wonderful, and it would be great if we could do this again. Love, your apprentice, Sofia G.


An article from Martha's Vineyard Patch, June 5 2011

"Rediscover the Island from the Ground Up"

You could call her the herbalist of the island. While her credits are many--author, herbalist and business owner, just to name a few--Holly Bellebuono loves to share her passion for all things living. Whether it be her full-service apothecary or her natural health workshops, Bellebuono's flair for utiliting natural components is useful in everything from spa treatments to cures for the common cold. And if you're up for a little walk through the woods or along the beach paths, you can join her on one of her medicinal and edible herb identification walks.

Bellebuono points out nplants you saw a million times, but never really "saw." Toe paths to the beaches reveal sassafras, elder and skunk cabbage. She can tell you not only their names, properties and uses in medicine (varying from poultices to tea), but also how to brew up a batch. How about jeweberry extract ice cubes for a soothing natural poison ivy remedy? Bellebuono can explain it all, right then and there! ...

M.V. Patch

Hi Holly! We wanted to thank you so much for being a part of our event! Everyone really loved your class. Clients still talk about it. Let's stay in touch. Thanks again! Dr. Roni and staff

Dr. Roni DeLuz